Check out Here the basic template.

The URL to your logo image. I am sure you can find a logo maker out there, or just your inside artisian and make one. Then just upload the file (either png or jpg/jpeg) to an image host (such as PostImage) until our servers download it. 2mb file size limit.

Same as Logo Image, but this time a link to a header image. Typically, I would opt for 1920x1080px. There is a 10mb limit on file size. Provides some great Stock photos. You might need to downsize them, as we have a 10mb cap.

Height of the navigation bar in pixels. If you don't know what to put, try around 70. For your logo to look good, this and logo width need to be proportional with your logo! If your logo is 600px high and 1200 long, opt for 60 tall navbar and 120 long logo.

The width in pixels of your logo to be. (Not the actual width of it, but the width you wish to display on the site).

Page Title - The text you sell on the tab of your browser. Our title is "SellyGen".

The color of that bar at the top. Try and use a HEX value. (For example #FFFFFF is white). Here is a working color picker.

The largest page header on the home page - for more detail see the example image/page.

Same as last, but smaller and below.

Hope you get it already.

Text to go below all of these.

Information for the items being sold. In the format --> selly-data|imageURL|itemName|itemText|Price and seperate each item with a comma. If you need to put commas in the info, use &

#44; instead of a comma; you page will look fine then.(ACTUALLY INCLUDE THOSE | CHARACTERS) For Selly-data, take the selly item link to share, and copy the last bit of it (after /p/). Also listed as the secret on products page. For example, 4902ce2a is my donation one. If this confuses you (I am bad with explaining things so I don't blame you), then I made a little page that makes it easier. Just copy the resulting text over. Click Here

Text to display at top on catalogue page. You can leave this blank

Once you create the files you will download them into a ZIP archive. Once you download the files, the files will be deleted from our server.
See Here for more help making your site live.
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For a domain registrar, I reccomend using